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    Our debut album combines Middle-Eastern themes with dark trancy rock to create a tribal mood most often compared with Dead can Dance. Often called "music for bellydancers in combat boots".
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This Night I Ride (Words/Music by Knight/Winter) Aaaih Aaaih, this night I ride Aaaih, to etch my will upon the tide With perfect poise and piercing heat I charge with fire at my feet I ride to court the Faery Queen And win her salty grail Aaaih... Bur when I reached her jeweled gate My grand intentions there to state She laughed and shook her burnished hair And mocked me to my core “What rare pride.” she said, “my girl To think you’re worthy of my pearls” She dashed my dreams upon the rock And told me to go home Aaaih... Lady, lend an ear at least for I ‘m a knight who would be priest Before you cast me from this place Pray do indulge me in a race My life I give if you outride My chariot till eventide But should I prove the swifter one Your grail of wisdom I’ll have won At dusk my horse it took the lead The lady filled my grail with mead Wisdom won not through the race But the willingness to ride Aaaih...
Lamplight (Words & Music by Sharon Knight & Winter) V1 Wait by the window & see See what haunts me Spark of some distant desire Fanned into fire V2 What vision of freedom is this Arising from blackest abyss A flame that burns steady & true Lighting my way back to you Ch1 Oooh, solace comes when the mind is free Blazing free, enflaming me I burn for life, love, & liberty V3 What kisses my passion bestows On another who knows Yet deeper we tangle our hearts Weave our love into art V4 Within the depths of my heart There lies a lamp of great art Alighting the jewel in the stone Remember what we’ve always known Ch2 Bridge ||:Oooh:||
Serpentina (Words/Music by Sharon Knight) Serpentina strolls through spring showers Licking drops of rain from face Hair all matted down with flowers Dress clings damp in fond embrace Twisting blades of grass twixt fingertips Eyes half crazed in siren swoon Soaking stones in streams of storm’s linger drips Lifts her voice in crimson croon She is lilting, lilting, lilting, Leading lovers’ hearts astray I could give her pearls of wisdom If she but turn her head my way I would wrap her in wreaths of goldenrod Bathe her in the morning dew Tasting sweetly the pleasures of olden gods Weaving old loves into new We would bathe in moonlit meadows Share our secrets under the moon Dine on cakes and tea made from red rose Drunk on a madness that ends too son She is lilting, lilting, lilting, Leading lovers’ hearts astray she could give me pearls of wisdom If I’d but understand her way Instrumental She is lilting, lilting, lilting, Leading my poor hear astray she could give me pearls of wisdom If I’d but understand her way Outro
The Shimmering Sheen (Words & Music by Winter) V1 The queen she longed to see The waters, sail the sea And on her journey be Unrecognized as she Ch The water’s shimmering sheen It seemed a dazzling scheme All that she could have been She would know with a dream She was not as she seemed V2 I did follow her down to the water alone Both she and it shone In a hollow of stone lay a boat on the foam Then she was in it and gone Ch The water’s shimmering sheen It seemed a dazzling scheme And the wind blowing keen All that she cold have been She would know with a dream She was not as she seemed V3 She had lived on this ground Without love having found And water surround And a life without love Wasn’t worth her renown Thus had she found V4 So she took to the sea, abandoned all fear To make the far near It was the one way to be to find her a peer That was made clear Ch
Black Snake (Words & Music Knight/Winter) Wait, listen, I hear the enemy rising Black poison, serpent of ugliness inside me Waiting for my weakest hour My certainty for to devour What was ours, what was ours, what was ours I am poised at the edge of desire My madness is leaking And coloring the tips of my hair purple Spilling out into forever Telling me that I’ll never know love like ours again I look for the glimmer Nectar of my salvation Quench my thirsting Drinking without hesitation Filling me up with rainbows Reminding me what my brain knows That I’ll never, I’ll never be thirsty again Black snake dissolving And suddenly I taste heaven My slinky dancing Waking the goddess eleven Shake loose all my grieving Telling me you’re not leaving Me ever, me ever again.
Sunny Simone (Words/Music by Knight/Winter) She is wearing red on sunday Has that woman got no shame Your eyes reflect pious scorning But you know your heart’s aflame Would she do it for a dollar Would she do it for a dime Would she do you nice and slowly If you paid her for her time What a show of bold irreverence That she turns your mind from god And the rise beneath your zipper Rips apart your cool facade Now she’s sitting here beside you Man you know you’d better pray Keep your eyes on the scheduled program Better turn your head away Better guard your place in heaven Cause your body will betray You know you should be listening but imagination does stray Give it up, give it up, give it up, you know That a sexless body’s an impossible goal Since when do we believe in the status quo That says to crucify your body’s gonna save your soul Give me a boy, give me a girl Give me black leather and a head full of curls Surrender to your sex and you might find love And a taste of the wisdom spilling out from above Pity those tormented souls Who slay themselves on heaven’s wrath Doomed they are forevermore To split their bodies, souls in half We defy not deify a god who turns away From delicious celebration of our inborn will to play
Word of Honor (Words & Music by Sharon Knight & Winter) V1 A promise kept, & a pact is made Stones of truth are laid To build our fortress strong & proud Strength she sings aloud V2 Edge of time, & the word was said Creation come to life Gods awake from their starry beds And take the fury to wife V3 Song of the soul is a lonesome cry But have you any choice? There’s no sweeter lullaby Than truthfulness of voice V4 Word of the will is an aching need No rest until she’s filled No richer fruit than from the seed On which your honor is spilled Ch1 Chant the spell & be it done Word & will are one Raise the cry for all to hear Illusions come undone V5 I gave my word & I saw it through Dreams they all come true I reign from my fortress stong & proud Strength I sing aloud V6 Song of the soul in splendor grows In the light of the starry dew Blossom of love from the heart it grows To your own self stay true Ch2 Same as Ch1 Ch3 Chant the spell & be it done Word & deed are one Walk the talk within the heart Freedom’s prize is won
Born to Let Our Brilliance Shine (Words/Music by Knight/Winter) It’s not that we fear our weakness Fear that we’re not enough It’s our power terrifies us Stark fierceness of our love Voice ot truth that echoes through us Nothing that we can’t become Taste ot limitless creation Seeker and the muse are one We were born to let our brilliance shine Deeper than daydream Dayglow my heart screams We were born to let our brilliance shine Yes, humility is noble Humbly we are deceived Who am I to be amazing This is what I once believed Playing small won’t serve the world Nor will it save our souls Life lived in screaming colors This my most noble goal We were born to let our brilliance shine Deeper than daydream Dayglow my heart screams We were born to let our brilliance shine
Until Then (Words/music by Winter) Riding on bodies through time Linking yours up with mine I will look for your sign When shall we two meet again Every now, every then Clothed as women and men I saw the light that shines through your eyes and I knew I will meet you again Until then I will meet you again Until then


Music from this album was used in "Cry for the Forest"(Earthfilms, 1998, a short film about Julia Butterfly's Luna tree-sit) & the 2009 feature film "The Commune."


released May 5, 2001

All songs (c) (p) 1997 - 2000 by Trance Jam Records, Binassyr Publishing, ASCAP.
Produced by Joey Swails & Pandemonaeon. Recorded at the House of Music, Trance Jam Studios, & the Little Easy. Engineered, mixed, & mastered by Joey Swails. Additional engineering by Winter & Robert Beley.

Art design by Miles Kurland, Kurland Digital.
Logo treatment by Zack Darling, Greenfield Graphix.
Photography by Charles Gatewood.

Thanx 2: the Crescent Hellions, Grassroots Entertainment, Joey & Angela Swails, Miles Kurland, Paul & Sunny Nordin, Robin & Teresa, and to all the members of our know who you are.


all rights reserved



Pandemonaeon Oakland, California

Pandemonaeon is an American independent progressive folk metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area founded in 1996 by the Celtic singer Sharon Knight & her long-time musical collaborator, Winter. They incorporate such folk instruments as violin, oud, saz, mandocello, & flute, as well as many ethnic hand percussion instruments like dumbek, djembe, tar, & riqq. ... more

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